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Keep your car in top condition with our range of professional vehicle maintenance services. Our team of professionals places the customer's satisfaction on top of anything else.


Smart MOT & Service centre can carry out quick and efficient tests so you don't have to spend a lot of time over it. Our team of fully qualified and trained mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and certify its roadworthiness.

HID and Projector Lights

These modern headlights have the dual advantage of stylish looks and enhanced visibility, making them ideal for the dull and foggy british climate.

BG Service

Improve your fuel economy with preventative maintenance. Our confidence in the performance of BG's package of higher level Fuel System Cleaners and EPR Compression Restoration treatment allows us to say that MPG and/or Performance are improved...Guaranteed!

Headlight restoration

Cloudy and foggy headlights not only make your car look dull but they can also be hazardous by hampering your night vision. At Smart MOT & Service Centre, we specialise in full headlight restoration that adds sparkle to your car and makes them function like new. Visit us in Birmingham today.


Ever found the dashboard light in your car blinking without knowing what's really wrong? We have highly sophisticated dealer level diagnostic equipment for accurate and quick fault finding.


One can never uderestimate the importance of regular maintenance and car servicing. It keeps your car driving like a charm and if neglected, it can result in expensive repairs. We understand this all too well and over the years, we have understood the peculiarities of almost every major make and model. Get in touch with us today.

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